The Phone Is A Creative Tool

A small tree has lost all of its leaves in Appleton, Wisconsin.

For this assignment, we will use the phone as a creative tool. Ideally, you will use it for photographing, editing and toning the photographs, and then posting the photographs on to your WordPress site. You could then also turn the assignment in via the Canvas Student App.

I have neglected this space

Appleton, Wisconsin 10/19/2020

I had grand plans at the start of summer. I always have great plans. My follow through is just not always the best. I was able to accomplish a lot this summer. What happens is I get focused on the task I am trying to complete, and stay on that until it is done. Since I have also managed to stay off of Instagram and Facebook, the daily updates are easy to skip. I have crept back on to Twitter, which was the first platform I used. I did sort of miss it. As long I am getting small doses, it is ok…I digress.

School started and I am back in the classroom and behind in my grading. I am not really one who wants to post about the daily ups and downs of a contingent faculty. I do like my job, and I would not like that to get misconstrued. Teaching during these current times has been a challenge and I have had to adapt in unexpected ways.

Lastly, fall is here in the upper-midwest. The mornings are brisk. The picture at top was found while walking the dog. Not really sure what the symbology of it means, but it seems appropriate.

More to come…

Tape and Clips

YouTube is the last social-ish platform I am still turning to these days. I need to cut back on some of the videos I am watching, but this short one on ripping gaffer tape is pretty good. I had fallen into a motion lighting/gaffer YouTube hole over a year ago. This morning I came across this video, it is worth a couple minutes of your time.

As a bonus, here is a good video about grip clips. It is also worth a view.

More Late.

Sometimes my phone camera sucks

A situation where I should have used my real camera.

I am big believer in mobile technologies. There are just times when there is a not enough light for the phone camera to work well. For example, the moon light was interesting, my aging Note 8 was not up to the task of translating what I saw into a decent picture.

I have been using my phone to write these posts. The WordPress app works pretty well. I did not set out to write on this manner. There are times where it is just easier to use the phone than fetch my laptop, or real camera.

More later.