The Process

Tape and Clips

YouTube is the last social-ish platform I am still turning to these days. I need to cut back on some of the videos I am watching, but this short one on ripping gaffer tape is pretty good. I had fallen into a motion lighting/gaffer YouTube hole over a year ago. This morning I came across… Continue reading Tape and Clips

Photo Books

By now you figured I gave up. I haven’t. I have been more domestic lately because my wife has been teaching two graduate classes for the past few weeks. When I have free time I have been keywording my Lightroom catalog, not blogging. I have always enjoyed photography books. It is how I have learned… Continue reading Photo Books

Digital Spot Tone

Note: I let life and some projects around the house get in the way of posting. For the past couple of weeks I have been going through folders with names like: Go Through This, Scanned Film, Photos for LR, etc. I started doing this because it seemed like a logical first step in trying to… Continue reading Digital Spot Tone


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About Me

Tom Leininger is a photographer and educator based Appleton, Wisconsin. He is a former newspaper photographer and photography lab manager and is currently a lecturer in the Department of Art at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. If you are interesting in contacting Tom, please email tdleininger at gmail dot com. All social channels are quiet in the summer of 2020. This space is a place where ideas are processed and photographs, photographers and other topics are worked through as a way to move forward creatively.

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