Photo Books

St. George’s Day, Georgia from
Wonderland A Fairy Tale Of The Soviet Monolith by Jason Eskenazi

By now you figured I gave up. I haven’t. I have been more domestic lately because my wife has been teaching two graduate classes for the past few weeks. When I have free time I have been keywording my Lightroom catalog, not blogging.

I have always enjoyed photography books. It is how I have learned about the medium and history. It is how I learned about photographs that go beyond the typical fair I was seeing in newspapers.

Until recently, photo books have been exploding on to the photo scene. Technology has democratized printing. Presses in Asia have made it cheaper to print a book. There are a ton of books out there. I tend to be particular in what I purchase. Aren’t we all?

Wonderland, the book photographed above, is a gem I have had for some time. It is one of a few focusing on the former Soviet Union that I own. Eskenazi’s singularity of vision draws me in and holds me throughout. The wide angles, complex compositions, depth of layers are all presented in glorious black and white. The photographs are showcased with a sparse design which helps the viewer engage the rich and diminutive book.

At this point I would say go out and get a copy, but they are sold out. I thought about this book today after an email from a friend reminded me of it. I am glad he mentioned Eskenazi’s skills because it had been too long since I read this book.

Reading a photo book on a nice summer night in the middle of a pandemic helps quiet the noise of the world that is rattling around my head.

More later.

Pink Light

It stormed again yesterday. After the rain stopped the light turned pink as it was setting. Trying to get my phone to translate the light I saw was not the easiest. This is not the photo I wanted to use, but it was the best one to represent what I saw. The one I wanted to turn out does not always turn out. Photography is an unforgiving medium.

I was being lazy using my phone. My camera was upstairs and I was afraid the light might would be gone if I went to get it. That was my excuse at least. Laziness and excuses are what usually usually stops me from grabbing my “real camera” to make a picture. As the days and weeks build up from the last time I made an intentional photograph, it is easy to just use my phone.

This whole post came about via my phone. I made the picture with Lightroom CC and edited with the same software. I am writing this via the WordPress mobile app. Maybe it is a good thing that I just share some truth about my process here. Does it matter that I created it all with my phone?

More later.

It rained last night

Rain knocked over these flowers. Well, I think it is was rain, so I will say it was the rain. Today, while walking the dog, I thought about how these flowers getting knocked by the rain is a good metaphor for life right now.

After updating this site last night, I removed Instagram from my phone, logged out of Facebook and Twitter, and removed their saved passwords from Chrome. If I want to visit one of those sites, it will involve changing passwords, which is probably enough of a roadblock for me right now.

I went on Facebook and Instagram and made a post saying I would not be active on either platform during this summer, then cleared out of there fast so I could not change my mind. I have not deleted any accounts, just left them for a while. Not being on Twitter often has made it easier to leave. It was easier to uninstall Instagram than I thought it would be.

The plan is to post here daily. Shaking off the cobwebs of writing and posting is something that will take some time, but I hope will be worth it in the end. I am turning away from the current social media environment to blog. How retro.

More to come.