Pink Light

It stormed again yesterday. After the rain stopped the light turned pink as it was setting. Trying to get my phone to translate the light I saw was not the easiest. This is not the photo I wanted to use, but it was the best one to represent what I saw. The one I wanted to turn out does not always turn out. Photography is an unforgiving medium.

I was being lazy using my phone. My camera was upstairs and I was afraid the light might would be gone if I went to get it. That was my excuse at least. Laziness and excuses are what usually usually stops me from grabbing my “real camera” to make a picture. As the days and weeks build up from the last time I made an intentional photograph, it is easy to just use my phone.

This whole post came about via my phone. I made the picture with Lightroom CC and edited with the same software. I am writing this via the WordPress mobile app. Maybe it is a good thing that I just share some truth about my process here. Does it matter that I created it all with my phone?

More later.

It rained last night

Rain knocked over these flowers. Well, I think it is was rain, so I will say it was the rain. Today, while walking the dog, I thought about how these flowers getting knocked by the rain is a good metaphor for life right now.

After updating this site last night, I removed Instagram from my phone, logged out of Facebook and Twitter, and removed their saved passwords from Chrome. If I want to visit one of those sites, it will involve changing passwords, which is probably enough of a roadblock for me right now.

I went on Facebook and Instagram and made a post saying I would not be active on either platform during this summer, then cleared out of there fast so I could not change my mind. I have not deleted any accounts, just left them for a while. Not being on Twitter often has made it easier to leave. It was easier to uninstall Instagram than I thought it would be.

The plan is to post here daily. Shaking off the cobwebs of writing and posting is something that will take some time, but I hope will be worth it in the end. I am turning away from the current social media environment to blog. How retro.

More to come.