The Phone Is A Creative Tool

A small tree has lost all of its leaves in Appleton, Wisconsin.

For this assignment, we will use the phone as a creative tool. Ideally, you will use it for photographing, editing and toning the photographs, and then posting the photographs on to your WordPress site. You could then also turn the assignment in via the Canvas Student App.

Pink Light

It stormed again yesterday. After the rain stopped the light turned pink as it was setting. Trying to get my phone to translate the light I saw was not the easiest. This is not the photo I wanted to use, but it was the best one to represent what I saw. The one I wanted to turn out does not always turn out. Photography is an unforgiving medium.

I was being lazy using my phone. My camera was upstairs and I was afraid the light might would be gone if I went to get it. That was my excuse at least. Laziness and excuses are what usually usually stops me from grabbing my “real camera” to make a picture. As the days and weeks build up from the last time I made an intentional photograph, it is easy to just use my phone.

This whole post came about via my phone. I made the picture with Lightroom CC and edited with the same software. I am writing this via the WordPress mobile app. Maybe it is a good thing that I just share some truth about my process here. Does it matter that I created it all with my phone?

More later.

Change Happens Slowly

I made the above photograph one night recently while I was walking the dog. The way the light was in the neighborhood struck me so I made a picture with my phone. I usually would have gone home and processed in the image in Lightroom and sent it to Instagram, the one social media platform I find it hard to leave. I took Facebook and Twitter off of my phone and only use them an a Chromebook I have. Doing that helped me get some distance and mental head space. Instagram is visual, so it makes me hard to quit it. Lately though, I am more of a consumer rather than a creator. This has been going on for longer than I want to admit to. It is time to make some changes.

I had been staying off of Facebook pretty well, until the shutdown brought on by Covid-19. I went back in there and dived into a couple of groups around photography. It helped get me through the semester. Now it is summer and I feel like the crossroads of my future are upon me again. More on this to come, but the take away from tonight is I removed Instagram from my phone, I have logged out of Facebook and Twitter. It is time for my social media diet. If I am going to post anything it will be here. If you need to contact me you can always email me (tdleininger at gmail dot com).

I have also closed off my website because it is due for a refresh. The look of this page may change over time, or it may not. We will see. I have done this before without much success, but I have a goal for the summer, and social channels distract me from the goal.

More to come…