As a daily newspaper photographer, the goal was always to get the best work published. This gallery represents a selection of that published work from daily assignments, feature, sports and news events.

Bird on Shoulder
Larry Wilkinson, of Mellott, Ind., drives his car in the 29th Annual Potawatomi Festival Parade with one of his birds, a cockatiel, on his shoulder in downtown Attica, Ind. “I have four birds, but I can only handle one at a time like this,” he said.
Highway Golf
Derek Sasveld, of Chicago, practices his golf swing in the median of south bound Interstate-65. A mobile home was blown from it’s traveling flatbed trailer earlier in the day causing traffic to be shut down while it was removed from the median. “I had read the newspaper and what else is there to do?,” Sasveld said when asked why he was swinging his club.
Scott Alkire, a Lafayette firefighter, cools off after battling back the blaze at 628 N. Eighth St. in Lafayette, Ind.
Lamar Lee is embraced by McCutcheon High School fans after the Mavericks beat Harrison in the first game of the 2004 J&C Hoops Classic. Lee scored 24 points in the fourth quarter of the game, along with the basket at the end to win it.
Johanna Duran (left) and Maria Sanchez share a laugh after Sanchez’s quinceanera mass at St. Boniface Catholic Church in Lafayette, Ind. During the mass girls announce to God and everyone how she intends to live her life and that she is no longer a girl. After the mass, Sanchez was surrounded by friends, families and attendants.
Three hogs look for food in the snow after getting out of the burning barn near the intersection of Tippecanoe County Roads 700 East and 1200 South near Stockwell, Ind. Six fire departments fought the blaze for a number of hours. Over 500 head of hogs were in the barn. Some of the hogs were able to be saved. Fire officials would not say what the cause of the blaze was.
Jimmy Bedford is seen through a bottle of Single Barrel Whiskey from the Jack Daniel Distillery in Lynchburg, Tenn. As the master distiller, he travels all over the world promoting the famous Tennessee Sour Mash Whiskey. Signing bottled is one of his duties.
A crowd gathers for the annual demolition derby at the Clinton County Fair in Frankfort, Ind.
Purdue coach Kristy Curry celebrates Jodi Howell’s three-pointer with other members of the team during the first half of the game against Wisconsin at Mackey Arena in West Lafayette, Ind.
Tuba players Austin Elmore (left), Brianna Davis, Brad Grider and Alex Ade gather around to listen to Jon Eifler give instructions on marching in formation at Lafayette Jefferson High School.
Members of God’s House listen to Ed Underwood deliver his message about the importance of having a relationship with God at the storefront church in Lafayette, Ind.
Demies Moffitt picks out a target while playing dodge ball at the McAllister Recreation Center Holiday Camp in Lafayette, Ind. This is the most popular activity among the 30 campers.
West Lafayette High School football players prepare the home game against Tipton High School in the locker room.
Nate Vissering, 6 of Brook, Ind., shows off his 11 pound 12 ounce cabbage that is three feet four inches around at the Newton County Pun’kin Vine Fair near Kentland. He did not expect his cabbage to get this big.
Ike Bacon plays his banjo in his workshop. Bacon gives lessons and makes banjos and mandolins. He has made 30 mandolins, but still does not know how to play the instrument.
Angels on Parade
Allison Oliver (center) waits with other angels in the snow globe float, sponsored by the First Baptist Church, for the start of the annual Christmas Parade in downtown Lafayette, Ind.
Coyd Crawn shares a laugh with Dean Radcliff and Stuart Wolf (back) while William Myers (sitting) and Dan Crawn listen in at The Sandwich Shop in downtown Delphi, Ind.
Mormon Missions
Elder Curtis Sessions, a missionary with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, vacuums before heading out for an afternoon of appointments, in Lafayette, Ind. Sessions shares the small house with Elder James Brinkerhoff.
Charles Tanner, a teenage boxer, rests behind the ring after working out with the medicine ball at the Whiting Boxing Club in Whiting, Ind.