I have neglected this space

Appleton, Wisconsin 10/19/2020

I had grand plans at the start of summer. I always have great plans. My follow through is just not always the best. I was able to accomplish a lot this summer. What happens is I get focused on the task I am trying to complete, and stay on that until it is done. Since I have also managed to stay off of Instagram and Facebook, the daily updates are easy to skip. I have crept back on to Twitter, which was the first platform I used. I did sort of miss it. As long I am getting small doses, it is ok…I digress.

School started and I am back in the classroom and behind in my grading. I am not really one who wants to post about the daily ups and downs of a contingent faculty. I do like my job, and I would not like that to get misconstrued. Teaching during these current times has been a challenge and I have had to adapt in unexpected ways.

Lastly, fall is here in the upper-midwest. The mornings are brisk. The picture at top was found while walking the dog. Not really sure what the symbology of it means, but it seems appropriate.

More to come…