Photo Books

St. George’s Day, Georgia from
Wonderland A Fairy Tale Of The Soviet Monolith by Jason Eskenazi

By now you figured I gave up. I haven’t. I have been more domestic lately because my wife has been teaching two graduate classes for the past few weeks. When I have free time I have been keywording my Lightroom catalog, not blogging.

I have always enjoyed photography books. It is how I have learned about the medium and history. It is how I learned about photographs that go beyond the typical fair I was seeing in newspapers.

Until recently, photo books have been exploding on to the photo scene. Technology has democratized printing. Presses in Asia have made it cheaper to print a book. There are a ton of books out there. I tend to be particular in what I purchase. Aren’t we all?

Wonderland, the book photographed above, is a gem I have had for some time. It is one of a few focusing on the former Soviet Union that I own. Eskenazi’s singularity of vision draws me in and holds me throughout. The wide angles, complex compositions, depth of layers are all presented in glorious black and white. The photographs are showcased with a sparse design which helps the viewer engage the rich and diminutive book.

At this point I would say go out and get a copy, but they are sold out. I thought about this book today after an email from a friend reminded me of it. I am glad he mentioned Eskenazi’s skills because it had been too long since I read this book.

Reading a photo book on a nice summer night in the middle of a pandemic helps quiet the noise of the world that is rattling around my head.

More later.