Change Happens Slowly

I made the above photograph one night recently while I was walking the dog. The way the light was in the neighborhood struck me so I made a picture with my phone. I usually would have gone home and processed in the image in Lightroom and sent it to Instagram, the one social media platform I find it hard to leave. I took Facebook and Twitter off of my phone and only use them an a Chromebook I have. Doing that helped me get some distance and mental head space. Instagram is visual, so it makes me hard to quit it. Lately though, I am more of a consumer rather than a creator. This has been going on for longer than I want to admit to. It is time to make some changes.

I had been staying off of Facebook pretty well, until the shutdown brought on by Covid-19. I went back in there and dived into a couple of groups around photography. It helped get me through the semester. Now it is summer and I feel like the crossroads of my future are upon me again. More on this to come, but the take away from tonight is I removed Instagram from my phone, I have logged out of Facebook and Twitter. It is time for my social media diet. If I am going to post anything it will be here. If you need to contact me you can always email me (tdleininger at gmail dot com).

I have also closed off my website because it is due for a refresh. The look of this page may change over time, or it may not. We will see. I have done this before without much success, but I have a goal for the summer, and social channels distract me from the goal.

More to come…